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LOFTER GROUP樂風集團, Rejuvenating the city

LOFTER GROUP (“LOFTER” or “the Group”), a Hong Kong-based property developer, is pleased to announce the partnership with Singapore-based pan-Asian real estate investment firm, SC Capital Partners, to acquire majority undivided shares in Nos. 2-4A Ping Lan Street and Nos. 26-28 Ho King Street, Ap Lei Chau for residential-cum-commercial redevelopment.

Revitalisation of industrial buildings in Hong Kong

The Chief Executive announced in her 2018 Policy Address to reactivate the revitalisation scheme for industrial buildings ("the new IB Revitalization Scheme") to optimize utilization of the existing industrial stock and make better use of our valuable land resources, while addressing more effectively the issues of fire safety and non-compliant uses. The new IB Revitalization Scheme includes six key measures facilitating the wholesale conversion, redevelopment and non-industrial uses of existing industrial buildings (“IBs”).

Performing Arts Theatre The scheme of revitalisation of industrial buildings was announced by the Government of Hong Kong in the 2009-2010 Policy address of Hong Kong. The aims of the scheme is to provide more floor spaces for suitable uses in order to meet Hong Kong’s changing social and economical needs. It aims to redevelop unused and affordable industrial buildings into space for new businesses, especially for the "six pillar industries".[1][nb 1] The scheme was implemented since April 1, 2010. There was a mid-term review of the scheme in September 2011. Afterwards, the deadline for submission of applications was extended from March 31, 2013 to March 31, 2016.[3]

Sport in Hong Kong

This former British territory now is considered as a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China considers sports as an important part of their culture. See also sport in China.

Mainly due to the British influence, Hong Kong has traditionally western sports like badminton, swimming, basketball, cycling and football. Hong Kong has various sporting bodies and establishments like YMCA and YWCA that supports the interest of the people with sports.

Hong Kong is also known to participate and even host some of the international sporting events like the Lunar New Year Cup, an international football tournament held in the Hong Kong Stadium.

Corporate Games

The Corporate Games is organised biennially by the LCSD to enhance team spirit among private and public sector employees and strengthen their sense of belonging to their organisations. Focused on promoting the “Sport for All” concept through building an energetic and healthy community, the Games includes 11 competitions in athletics, badminton, basketball, distance run, snooker, table tennis, tennis, tenpin bowling, volleyball, 7-a-side mini-soccer and 11-a-side soccer.

Participation is divided into three groups based on organisation size and type, with each participant able to represent only one organisation.

Hong Kong Games

Since 2007, the Sports Commission has endeavoured to build a “Sport for All” culture through organising the biennial Hong Kong Games (HKG). Coordinated by the Community Sports Committee and co-organised by the 18 District Councils, the LCSD, the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and various national sports associations.

The HKG covers eight sports, namely the athletics, badminton, basketball, futsal, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

In addition, the Organiser launches a series of diversified community participation activities, including Elite Athletes' Demonstration and Exchange Programmes, a sports seminar, a vitality run, a photo contest, a 18 Districts’ Pledging cum Cheering Team Competition, a grand opening ceremony, a closing cum prize presentation ceremony, voting for "My Favourite Sporty District" and guessing the "Overall Champion of the Hong Kong Games", to enable more members of the public to support and participate in the HKG in different ways.






富,各俱樂部的老闆梁智基一起分享總利潤的70%,聯盟分享剩下的30%。把NFL的經營理念引入這個聯盟,從而迅速提升NBL的品牌價值。使NBL能成為一個健康運營的聯盟,聯盟將在中國就是比較差,比較薄弱。2、簡單介紹下,各大城市省份的比較強的隊伍的資料:南區 ,上海:復旦中學華東模範中學南洋模範中學,重慶:重慶一中重慶四十二中B.在冬天多組成大集團;夏天多單獨生活,或過著小家族群的生活.04.北極


中國男子籃球職業聯賽(即CBA)一、中國體育職業聯賽有:中超足球,中甲足球,女足聯賽,男排聯賽,女排聯賽,CBA,NBL,WCBA,Cuba,乒超,羽超,圍棋聯賽,象棋聯賽等!參考資料來源:Liangzhiji 梁智基 -全國男子籃球聯賽籃球技術教學 與訓練A.在北美洲,狼多在5月生產.懷孕期為63天,一次可產3~6只,最多紀錄是14只.犬科(Canidae)犬屬(Canis)狼形食肉動物.分為3


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