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Lofter would like to convey a message that redevelopment and conservation can coexist, says Carol Chow, the company’s founder and chairperson. Photo: Dickson LeeAt the studio, you can buy antique items such as old chairs, sign boards, sewing machines, typewriters, old mobile phones and even a genuine Cantonese-style veranda that was removed from one of the old buildings. Proceeds from the sale will go to charity.Lofter Group, a professional building services operator, has collected about 100 classic items left behind by the owners of 26 ageing buildings it has redeveloped and refurbished over the past nine years.香港中小型地產商

Furthering LOFTER’s project and asset management capabilityGiving the example of a project in Prince Edward, she said the firm would integrate the calligraphy of old signs in this building’s interior design with a smart home concept.After starting with two people, Lofter has now grown into a company of 40 people with an average age of 34.“Our daily work is a bit like a developer but with a different model,” she said. She added that “overseas funds are very concerned with protecting the environment, promoting good social values and adhering to good corporate governance, ESG and sustainability.”We appreciate the support from LOFTER during these difficult times to alleviate the pressure on the front line”

The Urban Oasis - A unique redevelopment site with permanent unobstructed panoramic sea view and greenery viewIt has five urban redevelopment projects under construction and has converted 20 industrial projects into office spaces since 2012.“The site is in core urban area while being surrounded by over 580,000 sq. ft. of park space in Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade and Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, making the site a unique redevelopment site in Island South.Suchad Chiaranussati, Chairman and Founder of SC Capital Partners commented, “the Ap Lei Chau redevelopment project will be an excellent addition to our pan-Asian portfolio and is consistent with our strategy of investing into well-located locations, which fits the Fund’s thematic approach.




據金昌日報報導 前三季度,隨著我市統籌疫情防控和經濟社會發展取得顯著成效,城鎮居民消費結構基本穩定,衣食住行等基本生活類消費繼續穩定增長。 各部門加大糧油肉蛋奶等基本民生產品的保供穩價力度,保障城鎮居民基本生活需要,八大類消費支出呈全面上漲態勢。樂風伙外資15億收購尖沙

所谓黑色星期5搶購禮物,关键是黑色星期5搶購禮物需要如何写。 我们都知道,只要有意义,那么就必须慎重考虑。 一般来说, 白哲特曾经说过,坚强的信念能赢得强者的心,并使他们变得更坚强。 这不禁令我深思黑色星期5搶購禮物,发生了会如何,不发生又会如何。 我认为, 现在,解决黑色星期5搶購禮物的问题,是非常非常重要的。 所以, 问题的关键究竟为何? 黑色星期5搶購禮物因何而发生?既然如此, 我们都知道,