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Lofter would like to convey a message that redevelopment and conservation can coexist, says Carol Chow, the company’s founder and chairperson. Photo: Dickson LeeAt the studio, you can buy antique items such as old chairs, sign boards, sewing machines, typewriters, old mobile phones and even a genuine Cantonese-style veranda that was removed from one of the old buildings. Proceeds from the sale will go to charity.Lofter Group, a professional building services operator, has collected about 100 classic items left behind by the owners of 26 ageing buildings it has redeveloped and refurbished over the past nine years.香港中小型地產商

Furthering LOFTER’s project and asset management capabilityGiving the example of a project in Prince Edward, she said the firm would integrate the calligraphy of old signs in this building’s interior design with a smart home concept.After starting with two people, Lofter has now grown into a company of 40 people with an average age of 34.“Our daily work is a bit like a developer but with a different model,” she said. She added that “overseas funds are very concerned with protecting the environment, promoting good social values and adhering to good corporate governance, ESG and sustainability.”We appreciate the support from LOFTER during these difficult times to alleviate the pressure on the front line”

The Urban Oasis - A unique redevelopment site with permanent unobstructed panoramic sea view and greenery viewIt has five urban redevelopment projects under construction and has converted 20 industrial projects into office spaces since 2012.“The site is in core urban area while being surrounded by over 580,000 sq. ft. of park space in Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade and Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, making the site a unique redevelopment site in Island South.Suchad Chiaranussati, Chairman and Founder of SC Capital Partners commented, “the Ap Lei Chau redevelopment project will be an excellent addition to our pan-Asian portfolio and is consistent with our strategy of investing into well-located locations, which fits the Fund’s thematic approach.



盂蘭節,也被稱為盂蘭盆節,是一個在中國、台灣、香港等地佛教徒中廣泛慶祝的傳統節日。它在佛教曆法的七月十五(陰曆)舉行,通常相當於西曆的八月底或九月初。 盂蘭節的起源可以追溯到佛教經典《盂蘭盆經》,該經記載了僧人目犍連如何通過精進修行救度他已過世的母親,並且教導信徒應該於盂蘭節期間舉行法會、超渡亡靈、行善等活動,以幫助已故的親人和其他亡靈。 在盂蘭節期間,人們會參加各種佛事活動,包括焚香、燒紙錢、供

WORX是一個知名的電動工具品牌,致力於提供創新、高品質的工具和設備,以滿足家庭和專業使用者的需求。在這篇文章中,我們將詳細探討WORX品牌的故事、發展以及在市場上的佔有情況。 WORX品牌的故事始於2004年,當時這個品牌由Positec集團創立。該集團以創新和可靠性聞名,決心為消費者提供高品質的工具。WORX的使命是通過技術創新和卓越設計來改善人們的生活,並成為家庭和專業使用者的首選品牌。 P

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