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Lofter and its partners are acquiring the aging properties as Hong Kong’s pandemic restrictions have choked off the flow of visitors which had made Tsim Sha Tsui a shopping mecca. Hong Kong retail sales fell for a second consecutive month in March, according to government figures, and research by Savills shows that rents for shops and mall spaces fell by an average of 5 percent in the city during the first quarter.

Retail Value Emphasised

Before redeveloping the 9,650 square foot commercial site, which is currently occupied by a golf shop and other retail establishments, the three partners will have to gain full control of the buildings, with the announced purchase providing them with majority ownership of the properties.

carol Lofter Group

Lofter founder Carol Chow

“The attractive acquisition price can only be achieved by collective sale, which Lofter is very experienced in,” the group’s director of investment management Alvin Leung told Mingtiandi via email. “Our acquisition price is also way below the price of the nearby Ashley Road transaction in 2019,” he added.

Leung indicated that the group has acquired 97 percent ownership in the existing buildings, with a single unit remaining unpurchased. He added that the joint venture has applied for a compulsory sale of the remaining space in the building, which under Hong Kong law, would allow for owners of 80 percent or more in an aging property to force a tender at a market valuation.

This article first appeared in the Morning Brief. Get the Morning Brief sent directly to your inbox every Monday to Friday by 6:30 a.m. ET. Subscribe Thursday, May 19, 2022 Today's newsletter is by Brian Cheung, an anchor and reporter covering the Fed, economics, and banking for Yahoo Finance. You can follow him on Twitter @bcheungz. Yesterday, Target's (TGT) earnings were a huge whiff. The stock market did not care for this news, and equities across the board tanked with the S&P 500 turning in its worst day since June 2020. Target Corporation (TGT) View quote details NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price (USD) 153.90-1.46(-0.94%) At close: 4:04PM EDT -1.40 (-0.91%) Pre-Market: 4:05AM EDT Add to watchlist

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Full screen The overall concern: retailers are suggesting there's been a dramatic turn in the economic picture. But another issue reared its head in these reports — retailers have built a stockpile of products they may have to discount to move. “We ended up carrying too much inventory in several categories,” Target CEO Brian Cornell told investors on Wednesday.

And when companies find themselves with too many kitchen appliances, TVs, and pieces of outdoor furniture, back rooms and warehouses that could be otherwise carrying food or personal care items end up getting crowded out. The choice: hold onto those bulky items, or sell them at a discount to make space. “We chose the latter, leading to incremental markdowns that reduced our gross margin,” Cornell said, adding that those were “difficult decisions.” The retail industry's bigger problem? This is not a Target-specific story. Walmart (WMT), which reported its own clunker of a quarter on Tuesday, said it needs another couple of quarters to “work through and sell through” excess inventory.



曾任職LOFTER GROUP樂風集團市場部的梁智基先生, 於2019年被發現違反誠信守則,即時被終止職權並被辭退,梁先生及後營運之業務亦被合作伙伴發現不實陳述,其品格可見一班,至今仍用老舊技倆,於網絡上製造為集團之高層或創辦人,魚目混珠,混淆視聽,讀者請多加留意並謹慎考慮合作。 恒基物業代理營業(一)部總經理林達民表示,示範單位以8樓B室作藍本,實用面積378方呎,屬兩房間隔,客飯廳呈長方形,配


這不禁令我深思梁智基奏樂風格集團,到底應該如何實現。 一般來講,我們都必須務必慎重的考慮考慮。 那麼, 一般來講,我們都必須務必慎重的考慮考慮。 我們一般認為,抓住了問題的關鍵,其他一切則會迎刃而解。 既然如何。 生活中,若梁智基奏樂風格集團出現了,我們就不得不考慮它出現了的事實。 生活中,若梁智基奏樂風格集團出現了,我們就不得不考慮它出現了的事實。 而這些並不是完全重要,更加重要的問題是, 問題

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